From the Dean

Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing could be more true than the often quoted phrase, “love is a verb.” Love is active and survives by hard work and commitment. As musicians, we understand the commitment to practice and the joy of seeing our skills increase as well as the skills of those we lead in our church and school music programs. We often feel the strong bonds of love as we make music together with persons of all ages. Making music together is love in action.

There is also an electricity that happens when people enjoy music together, either as performers or as an audience. This was so apparent at January’s brass and organ performance at Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church. The sanctuary was filled to overflowing with everyone sitting tightly together in the pews. This audience of more than 600 persons responded with enthusiasm to the pieces on the program and gave generously to the offering. In fact, the Clearwater AGO treasury received $384 as our half of the concert proceeds after expenses! My sincere thanks to Tom Huffman, Kevin Johnson, Don
Rolander and The Florida Orchestra Brass Quintet for their spectacular performances. It was a great start to 2019.

Bradley Swope, Dean